About Us


The Keystone Chapter Fire Service Instructors is a non-profit organization formed to establish and promote an on-going organization of instructors which will work toward goals of the fire service, and provide effective and continuous leadership to fire instructors across the state.

We also provide an information clearinghouse and policy development body for fire service matters and act as an organized voice of the fire service within the boundaries of the Chapter.

We are affiliated with the International Society of Fire Service Instructors and the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy.


We currently have over 400 members, all of whom are certified PA State Fire Instructors. Our members enjoy many benefits for their $25.00 yearly dues, including a semi-annual newsletter.

It’s easy to become a member of the Chapter and we welcome your membership and involvement. Membership is open to all PA State Instructors as recognized by the State Fire Academy in Lewistown. Simply mail the application along with your $25.00 check and a copy of your State Fire Academy Instructor card to our mailing address. Upon receipt of the above, a membership card will be sent to you.

For your convenience, an application form is provided here. You will need Adobe Acrobat® Reader in order to print the form.


Our meetings are held on a regional basis the first weekend in March, and on a state-wide basis in November.


Here are the top ten reasons to belong to KCFSI:

  1. Network and swap ideas with people who share your professional or personal interests.
  2. Get information and resources, vital to your survival.
  3. Update your skills and knowledge base.
  4. Keep up with changes in industry rules, regulations and standards.
  5. Access the latest business product and services.
  6. Take advantage of member discounts.
  7. Increase clout. Belonging to an association sets you apart as someone “in the know”.
  8. Develop new business through people you meet at association events and through your association network.
  9. Fulfill a sense of obligation or duty to the organization, the profession and the industry.
  10. Support a cause dear to your heart.

Membership in KCFSI can fulfill many of the above items. If you’re not a member, now is the time to join. Please download the application, complete it and mail it in today.

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